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    Zenith Construction Co. is a commercial contractor specializing in Infrastructure and Commercial Building Construction with an emphasis on General Contracting and Construction Management. Zenith Construction is highly committed to building quality and cost-effective projects. Our job process is one where we work closely with owners, engineers, and architects to ensure that the job is done cost-effectively, but with the utmost quality of work.

    Having graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Construction Management, President Tyson Young is committed to professionalism and customer service, with a clear focus on thoroughness and job quality. Zenith Construction Co. strives to maintain a safe site and work environment on all projects and guarantees that safety is our number one priority. Zenith Co. serves all of Oklahoma plus surrounding areas.


    • General Construction
    • Civil Construction
    • Commercial Construction
    • Concrete
    • Excavation
    • Safe site and Work Environment
    • Professional Ethics and Customer Service